Coleman Signature Instant Tent Dome 5 person Double Hub

Or if you’re with friends, you can sleep two adults to a mattress with relative comfort, so long as the friends are willing to share. Your answer there is about four—or five if three are children and one’s a very small child or dog. It’s also a solid choice for couples with ample space for storing camping gear. GearLab is founded on the principle of honest, objective, reviews. Our experts test thousands of products each year using thoughtful test plans that bring out key performance differences between competing products.

The circle is around 49.5 inches wide and a few inches thick. It’s very easy to leave in the trunk of a car and you can put light camping gear on top of it without damaging anything. In the end, I hope you will have a better understanding of what a pop up tent is exactly and what kind of camping the Coleman 2 person pop up tent is perfect for.

Steel and fiberglass tent pole are actually fairly strong and durable, however they are much heavier and less physically flexible than aluminium and carbon fiber. So, to keep the overall cost down, Coleman tents are usually supplied with these type of tent poles. Over the past decade, tent poles have rapidly advanced in both design and material selection.

And although we did like the two deployable vents on the roof, you’ll want to make sure to keep those closed if the weather is at all questionable since they are liable to let rain into the tent. The Coleman Instant Tent 6 has average dimensions for a 6-person tent, at 10’x9’ (90sqft). The peak height is 6’2”, which will allow most hikers to stand up without needing to crouch.

The hinged door is also a unique feature which allows easy entrance and exit of the tent. The two vents at the rainfly can be opened by unzipping the two mesh at the top and then raising the prop to bring the flap up. This can be helpful to prevent condensation happening inside the tent during a cold weather. 6 expansive windows and a full mesh roof are all made from mesh. As well as providing great air circulation, they also create lovely panoramic views of the outdoors.

As a teenager with a very low budget, this tent was exactly what I could afford and lasted perfectly well for its intended use. Although some tents promise to hold up to 12 people, things can get a little cramped when you have all the sleeping bags fully rolled out. Measurements will matter more than how the tent is advertised, so coleman screen tent use a measuring tape to map it out and decide on the size that will accommodate sleeping arrangements. Darkroom technology sets the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup apart from competitors. This tent blocks out 90% of the sun’s rays, making it easy to take a midday nap or enjoy some shade when spending the day on the beach.

Likewise, a covered vestibule area before entering my tent is valuable to dry off before entering. With the exception of backcountry tents, some Coleman tents are designed without a full rainfly. The massive tent was able to house our mountain bikes, riding gear, camping equipment, and sleeping area comfortably.

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Note that there are no vestibules, so you have no extra covered space for gear. If used for families, this is a tent for parents and two kids maximum. As coleman ice chest far as shapes go, most stand-up height tents use a cabin-style shape, with nearly vertical walls and relatively flat ceilings to maximize interior space.

I’ve used this tent in windstorms, rainstorms, hot sunny days, and cold fall nights and everything is still as good as new. I’ve set up and taken it down at least 100 times since I bought it and there’s been no failure in the pop up pole system and all the seams are still watertight. It’s mostly because of how the tent is built and this isn’t a problem that’s specific to just Coleman, lots of pop up tent brands have this exact problem.