Coleman Instant 8 Person Cabin Tent Review

We have in-depth guides for you to start a pleasant camping trip and to avoid animals you don’t want to see. There are a lot of satisfied purchases for this tent although some users argue that it is not waterproof enough. By applying additional waterproofing treatment and sealing the seams, it should be able to protect campers from light rain. The set up also take some time as the poles are not pre-attached. You will have to extend the poles then put them in sleeves and attach the tent body to the poles.

coleman instant tent

The shape also makes it very wind resistant but I do suggest tying down the wind cover on the sides as well as each end. It’s probably a better option if coleman instant tent there will be two people or more sleeping in the same tent. The poles are also heavy-duty, the main corner poles are 16 mm and the roof poles are 12 mm.

Surprisingly, the tent was able to weather a bit of rain and wind gusts with zero issues. For larger, family-sized camping trips, Coleman offers both Skylodge™ and “Instant” tent designs. Chances are, though, you won’t want to spend half your trip setting up your tent. Manufacturers have found clever ways to make tent setup easier, including attaching the poles to the material so there are no pieces to assemble. Some family tents can be erected as quickly as 60 seconds, especially once you’ve gotten the hang of it. Camping is far more fun when you have someone sharing the experience with you.

Have used it roughly once each year and I use it by myself or with only one other person, so not under heavy repeated use. If you want it to last, best not to force anything and follow the instructions on setup. At the top center hub, I got in a hurry and erected the legs too soon in the wrong order which caused the hub to twist breaking one hub link and twisted one D leg tube internally. An eBay source had some parts but was out of stock on the broken link, perhaps permanently out of stock. Shawna Newman is the editor-in-chief of Active Weekender, a website that provides resources — from gear recommendations to beginner tips — to people looking to plan outdoor adventures.

This is also a typical 3-season tent, so you have huge windows (see the picture above) and you need them because there is no mesh on the tent walls and without such openings, ventilation would be an issue. The second weak point of Coleman tents is typically the stitching. The same rules apply here in that you don’t want to put any more pressure or stress on the seams of your tent than is necessary.

After 3 years of regular use, I can honestly say that I really like the Coleman 2 person instant tent. The entire instant tent weighs only 6 lbs, that’s counting the small included tent stakes, storage bag and pop up tent. It still works for two people though, and it’s not any smaller than a regular sized 2 person tent, we just like a little more space in our tent when camping. In the conclusion of this Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent Review, I would only stress again the pros and cons described in the text. This can be of particular importance when you are in rush, either tired from your outdoor activity or when you are setting the tent up in rain. The Weathertec system combines five specific features for the most reliable weather protection in the Coleman range.

You should always look for features like large floor plans and stand-up height ceilings if you want to get the maximum enjoyment out of your tent. Taking our top honors as the best Coleman tent overall is the Coleman Skydome 4. We love the Skydome because it delivers all the budget-friendliness you expect from a Coleman shelter, but adds in extra space, storage, and weather protection without any added expense. Coleman Instant tents are where it’s at.If you’re 4 people, get a 6 person tent.

It is also fully removable, so you have the option to have the mesh roof exposed or protect from rainfall. Keep in mind it’s not full coverage, so it will only withstand light to moderate precipitation. The Coleman Hooligan™ is designed for rugged weather conditions in the backcountry. Unlike most of the other Coleman tents, the Hooligan comes with a full rainfly which protects the tent and vestibule area from intense rain and wind. Even the most time-deprived or rookie camper can get their tent set up in minutes, with the Instant Up Tents from Coleman.