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And it’s comfortable, with very adjustable straps and retention. While you might not think it, helmets wear down overtime. Dewey recommends replacing an undamaged helmet once every five to six years. Both Dewey and Ash Lovell, electric bike policy and campaign director at PeopleForBikes, recommend replacing schwinn mountain bicycles your helmet immediately if you are in a crash or even a fall where it is impacted. Even if it looks fine, your helmet could have a hairline crack, which can compromise its structural integrity, making it less safe in a future crash. “Every good helmet should have some sort of retention system,” says Dewey.

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It has 31 air vents, much more than most helmets, leading to a very open design. It also has Specialized’s ANGi crash sensor built in, which can be set up to pair with your phone and send emergency messages if a crash is detected and you do not respond, according to the brand. As recommended in our gift guide for cyclists, this is the helmet I wear when I want to go on a long 25+ mile ride. It’s lightweight, airy and its shape helps make it more aerodynamic than bulkier alternatives. It not only features MIPS but also Koroyd, another, newer impact protection system.

That data comes from research by the National Transportation Safety Board, a government agency that conducts accident investigations across all modes of transportation. For this piece, he tried many different bike helmets while riding around New York City. To better understand the helmets he could not try, he spoke with biking industry experts like Alison Dewey and Ash Lovell to learn more about helmet types, nuances and best practices.

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Whether you’re riding a beat up old bicycle or a brand new electric scooter, you should be wearing a helmet. Bike helmets can help prevent injury in minor and serious bike crashes. In fact, a “bike helmet is a cyclist’s best line of defense, reducing risk of head injury by more than 50 percent,” according to the National Safety Council, a nonprofit safety advocacy group.