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For folks who like to do a lot of prepping ahead, extra bowls with covers are available for separate purchase. The KitchenAid chopped more evenly than the other mini processors we tested, and it did so quickly. It diced onions more consistently than the Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus, and it chopped a quartered tomato evenly—we had to cut a tomato into smaller pieces to get the same results using other models. The Food Chopper also minced parsley cleanly, whereas the Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus tore it, causing it to oxidize faster. One task this processor doesn’t excel at is chopping whole almonds evenly, but that’s typical of most mini choppers. We’ve been long-term testing the Cuisinart Custom 14 since 2013, and it remains a workhorse in the kitchen.

Mini food processors have bowls ranging in capacity from about 1½ cups to 6 cups, but we focused on those with a capacity of about three cups. Models smaller than that are too limited, and if you think you need one that’s larger than three cups, you’re probably better off with a full-size model. Although there’s some overlap in what they can do, food processors and blenders aren’t interchangeable appliances.

Electric food choppers (aka mini food processors) are a great way to cut down on prep time. They take up a small amount of counter space and require access to an outlet (though there are some battery-operated choppers that are cord-free). Unlike full-size food processors, electric choppers are much smaller, only have one blade option, and cannot process as much food.

These selected food choppers were tested for hours by our product tester for the most authentic results. We rated these choppers based on design, ease of use, size, ease of cleaning, convenience, overall effectiveness, and overall value. Testing was conducted with nuts and garlic, as well as with a variety of veggies.

Large dice and small dice blades allow for uniform cuts of onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, cheese and much more. You can operate this chopper with one-hand and the blades store safely in the unit. Contributor Ariane Resnick is a special diet chef, certified nutritionist, bestselling author, and lifelong cuisinart choppers devotee of her Cuisinart mini food processor. She used market research and her expertise to determine the best mini food processors for every home cook. Most food processors are electric, however, there are some quality manual models on the market, such as the Zyliss Easy Pull Food Processor.

No need for electricity, manual pushing, or cranking—this cordless electric chopper has a 5-cup capacity and can chop up to 40 onions on a single charge. A low-battery indicator warns when it’s time to recharge the battery, which takes about two hours for a full charge. But if you need just a bit more work done, and the battery is low, a 10-minute charge is enough to handle up to 11 more onions. There’s a handy pouring spout for dispensing liquids, and a drizzle hole in the lid that’s handy for making emulsified sauces or for slowly adding liquid to purees. A whipping blade is included, which stores easily in the mixer bowl so it won’t get lost in the gadget drawer. All of the parts that contact food are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

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To use, simply place the food you’d like to cut under the blade and quickly (but somewhat forcefully) press the top button to send the blade through the food. Do this until the food is chopped up into the size you desire — or until you’ve gotten out your pent-up anger. You can also move the chopper around your cutting board over all of the food you’d like to chop, rather than chopping then switching out whatever is underneath.

If you don’t want to store the attachments in the bowl, it would be worthwhile to purchase a case for about $30. Christine Cyr Clisset is a deputy editor overseeing home coverage for Wirecutter. She previously edited cookbooks and cuisinart choppers craft books for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and she started reviewing kitchen gear back in 2013. She sews many of her own clothes, which has made her obsessive about high-quality fabrics—whether in a dress or bedsheets.