Coleman Instant Tent Rainfly 2000010327

The integrated steel frame is attached to the inner tent so set up is super simple. All you have to do is lay it down, spread out the fabric, extend the poles out from the hub until it locks into place. Then just chuck the waterproof coleman sundome fly over the top, and you’re all ready for a solid night’s sleep. She points out that, when shopping for tents, you will absolutely get what you pay for. Higher-quality tents will have seams already sealed to protect from rain.

Another person, a solo camper with the tent in the backyard, had leaky seams. There’s an equal amount of customer feedback praising the tent and complaining about leaks. Pitching this tent is quick and easy, which leaves you plenty of time to rest and enjoy your holiday with your family.

Steel and fiberglass tent pole are actually fairly strong and durable, however they are much heavier and less physically flexible than aluminium and carbon fiber. So, to keep the overall cost down, Coleman tents are usually supplied with these type of tent poles. Over the past decade, tent poles have rapidly advanced in both design and material selection.

Coleman tents are great because they’re both affordable and accessible, yet come from a reputable brand that’s been around longer than any of us have been alive. Therefore, we wouldn’t advise taking this tent out in gusty weather. It will cope fine with a summer breeze if staked down properly though. The tent has the Coleman WeatherTec system in place but upon further review of it, it doesn’t seem to work that well on this one.

By combining a fully seam-taped rainfly with fabric shielded zippers, welded bathtub style floors, and inverted seams, the WeatherMaster is genuinely well protected from the rain. The aluminum poles are also quite durable; the leg poles are 16mm thick, while the roof poles are 12mm thick. All of these heavy-duty materials add a great deal to the weight—at nearly 25lb, this is the heaviest tent in our 2021 review. However, this was not a bother to us, as this tent really only needs to be transported from the car to the impact pad, and we’d rather heft a few extra pounds than sacrifice durability.

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You might want to check this completely different dome-shaped type Marmot Limestone 4 tent. If you’re ready to take an outdoorsy getaway with your clan, a sturdy tent is a must for any family camping trip. Fully taped seams apply to the rain fly on doors and windows, which feature practical velcro frame attachments. There are a few different kinds of pop up tents but in general, they usually fold into a circle much like car windshield shades. Yes, the Coleman 2 person pop up tent will fit a full size air mattress but the rounded corners will have a little bit of stress on them. The Zomake instant tent is a great alternative to the Coleman 4 person pop up tent.

Note that there are no vestibules, so you have no extra covered space for gear. If used for families, this is a tent for parents and two kids maximum. As far as shapes go, most stand-up height tents use a cabin-style shape, with nearly vertical walls and relatively flat ceilings to maximize interior space.