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One of the big disadvantages is that it doesn’t have the freedom of a cordless vacuum. The five-year warranty is a good length and covers any non-wearable parts so long as you buy it from an authorized retailer. Shark will repair any defective parts or replace the vacuum if necessary, during this five year warranty, which is pretty lengthy in comparison to other warranties. Plus, there’s a good range of replacement parts available to purchase direct from Shark, these include replacement canister wheels, dust cup, wand, handle and hose assembly, and more. This makes it easy to extend the life of the vacuum if a replaceable part breaks. The Vertex comes in a large box and as with all Shark vacuums, it comes packaged in fully recyclable paper and cardboard packaging.

As you browse through the models, consider which vacuum would work best for you in terms of weight, versatility across different surfaces, noise level, and reliability. You can find more criteria and how we rated models for each factor in our comprehensive canister vacuum ratings. Sure, a $340 Dyson vacuum won’t need new bags or filters or other replacement parts, its five-year warranty is solid, the customer service is great, and Dysons do a great job of cleaning the most common types of flooring. And compared with a $600 Miele canister vacuum, the Dyson might last half as long (10 years), if you’re lucky. The main reason we love Miele canister vacuum cleaners is that they’re impressively sturdy, without feeling clunky.

An upright vacuum, by comparison, really shines if you need to clean up and down a carpeted hall or over a large open space. The cord is usually long enough that you can finish the job without unplugging, and you won’t have to drag a canister along behind you. The included air-turbine-powered pet-hair brush isn’t good on carpet, and there’s no place to store it on the vacuum so most owners will likely lose it quickly.

Owners also generally think that the Navigator Lift-Away is relatively quiet compared with other vacuum cleaners. With the brush roller turned on (its loudest setting), we measured the vacuum’s volume at about 76 decibels. That’s actually pretty loud shark pet hair vacuum compared with the best high-end vacuums, but it’s quieter than other cheap vacs we’ve tested, which regularly exceeded 80 decibels. And it operates at more of a midrange hum than a high-pitched whine, so it’s not as grating to listen to over time.

This makes the Shark – Apex the best canister vacuum for pet hair, or even for extra-long human hair. You’ll only ever catch a few strands on the roller, which eliminates the maintenance shark pet hair vacuum needed on traditional roller designs. Rather than having a separate head for carpet and bare-floor cleaning, Kenmore gives you a convertible system called the “Crossover” head.

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There’s a reason Shark vacuums are a top buy—the brand’s offerings come with powerful suction, fully-sealed HEPA filtration systems, and comprehensive warranties, all at affordable prices. We researched Shark’s complete inventory of vacuums and tested several models in The Lab and at home, evaluating each on setup, maneuverability, noise level, effectiveness, and ease of emptying. The bagless dust bin can be emptied as frequently as you like, which helps to keep the weight to a minimum during use. The washable filters mean you don’t need to fork out for replacements frequently, but you’ll need to wash out the foam and felt filters every three months. The HEPA filter only needs washing every 12 months, but in each case it’s worth keeping an eye on the filters and washing them out more often if you think they need it. Probably the most important factor for ease of use is the location of the vacuum’s controls.

“You need to first decide your budget and what it is you’re looking for in a vacuum,” says Aaron Wilson, home appliance expert at JustAnswer. “A cordless vacuum is powered by a battery and has a lot of mobility and versatility. They are great for small household chores as well as great for cleaning out your car.” But corded vacuums “are typically more powerful and have more capacity,” he says. Micetich recommends that you consider a cordless vacuum if you live in a smaller home and want something for daily maintenance. “They’re easier to store and typically have multi-functional configurations so you can easily switch from surface to surface,” she says. Shark NV360 Navigator Lift-Away has many of the same features of our top pick, the NV356 Navigator, but this model is sold for a lower price.

The Miele Classic C1 is a full-size canister vacuum with an extra long hose, various on-board attachments, bagged debris, and powerful suction. This guide is going to highlight the absolute best canister vacuum cleaners for 2023. While some vacuums have filters that need regular replacement, a washable filter is both easy to maintain and minimizes the recurring expense of buying new filters. By regularly cleaning a Shark vacuum’s filter, you can keep your vacuum operating at peak levels of suction and particle capture. This feature is very handy for any household, but particularly one that’s conscious of their environmental impact or sticking to a budget.