This Lasko Oscillating Digital Ceramic Tower Heater Is on Sale at Amazon

It occupies 16 by 6.6 by 25 inches of space, about the same volume as a full-size suitcase. If you live in a cramped space, this heater may take up room you can’t spare. Electric fireplaces add the charm of a traditional fireplace with the easy operation of an electric room heater. Many people love the aesthetic appeal of these units, and we have plenty to choose from to match your decor.

Finally we decided to take the heater downstairs and plugged it in. I went back down to check on it, THANK The LORD I did – within 30 minutes the plate and screw of the outlet was so hot we could barely touch it along with the cord. This company needs to stop production of these things before someone loses their home or their life or possibly both. The Vornado Vheat vintage-style heater is an all-around decent heater, but what really sets it apart is its delightful aesthetic, inspired by the original Vornado design from 1945. All radiators are hot to the touch, and this De’Longhi model is no exception.

If we materially reduce Beta Test Program benefits, we will offer you the option of terminating your Beta Test Program membership and receiving a refund of your membership fee. It wasn’t surprising that the heater emitted a slight chemical or plastic odor when first used. However, even after about ten hours of use, the odor was still detectable. It’s not overpowering, but we were hoping that “new appliance smell” would’ve burned off by then. Also, in auto mode, the fan will keep turning on in intervals, even when the heat is off.

We were sure to start the assessment with the room temperature within a degree or two for each model. We didn’t want the temperatures outside the window of the room to affect the assessment, so we took care to ensure the outside temperatures were right around freezing. Passwords are 6-20 characters with at least one number and letter. This model is an attractive obelisk with the ability to oscillate, which helps to spread the heat quickly and evenly around the room. Item prices do not include fees for pickup, shipping or delivery (if applicable) unless noted in the item description.

Of all the space heaters we’ve tested, the Vornado VH200 offers the best overall combination of heating speed and distribution, safety features, easy operation, and affordability. The VH200 was quieter than every other fan-based heater we tested, emitting a soft whir that was barely noticeable—even on high—and generating a comfortably focused blast of heat that evenly dissipated into a room-filling, ambient warmth. It’s simply the best space heater we’ve tested, which is why it’s been our top pick since 2018.

Some heaters are powered by propane gas tanks, similar to those used for gas grills. Propane heaters should not be used indoors without adequate ventilation, as they can pose a carbon monoxide hazard. Along with our in-house experts, our team analyzes thousands of product reviews from the most trusted websites.

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The Atomi Smart Tower Heater is the first space heater we’ve tested with built-in smart-home capabilities. Unfortunately, those don’t really add anything to the user experience that you can’t get just as easily by pairing the Vornado VH200 with one of our smart plug picks. We found that it was pretty easy to set up and integrate into our phone and Alexa Routines, and it performed pretty well as a heater in our tests, raising the temperature of the room by 8 degrees over the course of the first hour. That heat was fairly evenly distributed, with just a few degrees between our two temperature sensors, thanks to its oscillation. As with our Dreo picks, you can set this Atomi model to run more generally at a high or low setting or use the “eco” mode to dial in a specific temperature.

At night, we positioned the fan in the hallway between our two bedrooms, with the oscillation function turned on. It kept air moving through each room — cool but not cold, and with consistent intensity — so that we all slept more comfortably. Sitting still in my home office, I get chilled on cooler days, even if the rest of the house doesn’t feel cold.

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