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In our tests, the Solaris Slim H3 was surprisingly good at maintaining the temperature after warming the room. Over the course of the first hour, it raised the ambient room temperature from 76 degrees Fahrenheit to 88 degrees, and then it spent the next hour slowly creeping up toward and hovering around 90, the target we had set. If we were playing by The Price Is Right rules of closest-without-going-over, the Solaris Slim H3 would easily win. If you need an electric heater in the bathroom, the Lasko CD08200 and the Dreo DR-HSH004A are the ones we recommend to do the job safely. Electric heaters produce no carbon monoxide, ensuring safe air quality. But many gas heaters, especially kerosene heaters, do produce it.

That high current is why you should never use an extension cord with a space heater. Many of the pictures you see in critical reviews claiming that a space heater “caught on fire” appear to be from people overloading an extension cord by plugging a space heater into it. The instructions for every space lasko heater heater we’ve ever seen warn against this. I tell you this from a personal perspective based on a particularly fiery experience involving a Marshall amplifier, an old power strip, and a space heater. Don’t worry; no one was hurt, and nothing was damaged except for the power strip and my pride.

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And, to assure complete independence, we buy all the products we test ourselves. For Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, it’s a specialized plug at the end of the power cord designed to protect from electrical shock by interrupting a household circuit when it detects a potential shock hazard. Either a GFCI plug or wall receptacle is necessary around water, such as in bathrooms or kitchens, where the chance for electrical shock is greater. Despite its metal exterior, the Vheat also remained surprisingly cool to the touch, reaching only about 100 degrees Fahrenheit on the sides and 140 degrees on the grille and cooling down even further within minutes of our shutting it off. In the earliest versions of this guide, we relied on the testing expertise of physicist Jim Shapiro, who tested heaters at his home in the high desert of Colorado and also served as an expert source during our research.

The commands on the remote and the built-in touch screen are clear and simple. Because the hybrid fan and heater is a tower model, all mechanical parts are hidden in the streamlined housing, which is white on the front and charcoal gray on the back. So right off the bat, it’s more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional tabletop or floor fan. lasko ceramic heater The lawsuit looks to cover consumers in New York, Alabama, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, West Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennesee and Utah who bought a Lasko low-profile portable space heater within the applicable statute of limitations period. The ceramic tower heater’s cord and plug can overheat when in use, posing fire and burn hazards.

Although space-heater safety largely depends on using the heater correctly, all of these features are still reassuring. The Lasko CD08200 Ceramic Bathroom Heater and the Dreo DR-HSH004A are the most effective and—more important—safe ways to bring some infrared warmth to your bathroom. Generally speaking, you should try to keep an electric appliance (especially something as powerful as a space heater) far, far away from any situation where it might get wet. In our tests, the CD08200 and the DR-HSH004A warmed the room at about the same speed, providing the same even heating from 3 feet away and 6 feet away. Most important, they both come with ALCI safety plugs, as well as overheat protection, in case anything goes awry.