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It lasted 2.8 days in keeping its contents under 40º F and just a few minutes shy of 3 full days under 50º F. It managed to maintain sub-40º F temperatures for 2.6 days, leaving the Pelican 20 Elite in the dust (which had a disappointing performance of just 1.4 days under 40º F). We are a bit disappointed to have measured this large model with “65” in the name at just 56 quarts, but our testers ended up appreciating this surprisingly useful size more coleman ice chest than the models that are actually 65 quarts. The Tundra line also includes a plethora of other sizes, many of which we’ve tested — from small, personal boxes to giant behemoths. Like many of its competitors, the Tundra 65 has a tiny lip on the inside of the bottom of the drain, so it is challenging to fully empty without flipping the cooler upside-down. Still, we think the Tundra 65 is a super useful choice for almost any vehicle-powered activity.

Unlike several other competitors, the RTIC 65 has two drainage ports for quick cleaning and draining. This roto-molded cooler costs far less than the Yeti Tundra 65 but performs just as well in nearly every way. It’s almost indestructible, it has two drainage ports and replaceable parts, and it kept our ice frozen for 10 days. Coolers are undoubtedly expensive, but having a generous warranty can help ease some of the buying anxiety.

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With a simple pull-open lid and no latches to slow you down, the Coleman is one of the most natural-feeling chests to use — like opening your fridge at home. As for large, non-wheeled models, we still noticed many differences that lend themselves toward making specific units more portable than others. The Coleman Xtreme is just a few ounces heavier than the personal-sized Igloo BMX, which is astounding for its 68 quart capacity.

Keep food and drinks cold as you head out to a tailgate party, a camping adventure, or anywhere else you may go with a new Coleman cooler from Kohl’s! No matter if you’re heading out for just the day, or need a cooler that will ensure freshness for days on end, Coleman is a name brand you can trust. The RovR RollR, Arctic Titan, Yeti Tundra 65 and 45, and Igloo IMX all come with practical interior dry storage options, which is great for holding aside some clean ice for drinks or keeping sensitive food out of ice water. The Igloo IMX’s wire basket is a tighter wire weave, which helps keep smaller items contained. The Titan, Tundra 65 and 45, and Igloo all feature a simple basket that sits across the top of the opening.

Though we didn’t have ten years to spend testing each model, we spent months subjecting them to prolonged use and a fair amount of abuse to see how they stood up to the pressure. We overextended hinges, jumped on lids, yanked on latches and handles, and dropped full chests from a carrying height. We set accident-prone friends, young children, and hefty humans loose on them to see what they’re made of by pushing them in ways more typically spread across many years of use.

Stacked up against the Roadie, the Pelican is $50 cheaper (albeit with slightly less storage) but comes with functional extras like integrated cup holders, easier-to-use latches, and a more robust carry handle. We also like the unique assortment of multi-toned colorways that add a nice dose of flair. If you plan on covering any kind of distance from your vehicle—whether it be to your campsite, a spot along the river, or the beach—wheels can make transport a whole lot easier.