NEW Shark CV101 Anti Allergen Canister Vacuum

Pick between a traditional upright to give your carpets and hard floors a deep clean, or opt for a cordless vacuum for light jobs and quick cleanups. Check out the handheld Shark Wandvac—it’s ready to go right out of the charging dock and is put away just as fast. If you prefer to be hands off with your vacuuming experience, consider the Shark AI Ultra Robot. Not only is it controlled by an app on your phone, it’s also self-emptying, so you don’t even have to think about the vacuum while it goes to work. If you don’t necessarily want a self-emptying vacuum, the Wandvac System is also available in a standard model for a lower price.

Overall, we think it’s a versatile supplementary cleaning tool for small homes or apartments. Most upright vacuums are fairly heavy and cumbersome, but not the Shark Navigator Freestyle. This affordable upright vacuum actually has a cordless design, making it quick and easy to move between rooms, and it weighs less than 8 pounds, so virtually anyone can use it.

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A good stick vacuum should be lightweight, but not necessarily light-duty. The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum impressed us with its maneuverability and effective suction on all types of flooring. However, the stick vacuum proved to be nimble and flexible when navigating the living room obstacle course. Notably, you can also make this vacuum more compact for storage, since the handle can fold in half. Its canister converts into a handheld vacuum you can use, too, but we found the handheld vac to be decently heavy.

We then assessed features and value, making sure we included picks for lifestyles and budgets across the board. We also considered user reviews from top retailer sites; every model on this list has an average rating that exceeds 4 stars, ensuring each vacuum is also a customer favorite. We took shark robotic vacuums a deep dive into Shark territory, scouring reviews and ratings to determine the best Shark vacuums for every household scenario. Read on to learn more about various models and all the features loved about each. We were impressed with the performance of this vacuum when we put it to work.

You can remove the wand portion of the vacuum to transform it into a handheld model, and it comes with a crevice tool, pet multi-tool, and dusting brush for increased versatility. The only negative we found is that the Vertex DuoClean is a bit heavier than some cordless vacuums, weighing just under 9 pounds. In testing, this vacuum performed extremely well, having no problem picking up dog kibble or pet hair from a variety of surfaces. The only area it struggled with was the high-pile carpet, as the cleaner head doesn’t have a height adjustment option. Shark produces a variety of different vacuum types at various price points. They’re smartly designed to reconfigure into a handheld design if you need a closer clean, and cordless options are available.

While it offers an easier way to mop floors, keep in mind that you’ll need to hold the power button down to trigger the vacuum function of this wet-dry vac. While it’s easy to spray cleaning solution onto your floor, thanks to a well-placed button on the handle, you may also need to refill the solution often. The canister isn’t very big, which may not bode well for larger cleaning jobs. However, shark pet hair vacuum you’ll enjoy a light on the floor head that does allow you to see into the nooks and crannies of your home. Shark is one of the market leading vacuum cleaner brands and often features in our coveted best vacuum cleaners for home (opens in new tab) guide. The Shark Vertex Bagless Corded Canister Vacuum with DuoClean Powerfins is one of only two canister vacuums on offer from the brand.

If you constantly find yourself reaching for a vacuum to zap pet hair off of your couches or rugs, this is the vacuum for you. In addition to brush and crevice tools, this handheld vacuum comes with a pet power brush tool that’s specifically designed to loosen and suck up pet hair. This attachment will work well on furniture, linens, and even your car seats and floor mats. We were impressed by this vacuum’s ability to suck up pet hair without any becoming tangled in the pet hair brush tool. All in all, the vac turned out to be a great cleaning partner that never quits on you, since it’s not powered by a battery. It was able to easily pick up all the materials on the low-pile carpet, but we docked a bit off its effectiveness score for slightly struggling on the high-pile rug and not easily navigating the hardwood floor.

The C3 also comes with 2 floor cleaning head in most cases (only 1 head included with the C3 Alize) and various attachments and on-board tools. The results of the cleaning tests for the Compact C1 were simply flawless, cleaning 100% of all debris types tested from all floor types. The list below are top 8 canister vacuums based on our tests and research. As a secondary vacuum for quick pickups at home or in a car, the $139 Lift-Around is lightweight and maneuverable. It’s a bit pricey for a compact cleaner, but we suspect lots of them will end up in kitchens or garages for spot cleaning. Shark envisions it sticking around the kitchen or the garage, where it’ll complement a larger upright unit as a more portable option.