Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven review

Though the Philips Air Fryer is the smallest air fryer in our test, its capacity for wings and fries exceeds the larger-sized Cuisinart and almost matches the massive Breville. The Avance XL Air Fryer can fit around 26 chicken wings in the basket. You could fill the bottom with 43 oz of french fries, perfect for 3 – 4 servings. You are going to have to toss them around halfway through cooking for an even air fry. The machine is egg-shaped yet more narrow and tall compared to both the Cuisinart and Breville air fryer.

There is a pizza stone accessory you can purchase separately if you intend to make a lot of pizzas and want a better result. All in all though, this was a delicious pizza and I was very happy with the result. There’s nothing complicated about using this appliance to toast, just select the toast function and your desired shade and that’s it. I popped a bagel on the center of the rack and set it toast, though since I hadn’t toasted in it before I kept a close eye on it – this is where the internal light comes in handy. One cubic foot of space is large enough to fit a 5qt Dutch oven (slow cook on a low or high setting just like in a slow cooker).

cuisinart air fryer oven

After cooking anything greasy, the oven needed to be cleaned at the top near the fan to keep it functioning properly. When you cook something in a batter—like shrimp or onion rings—or toss in a little oil like homemade French fries, you might get messy drips on the heating elements that will need to be cleaned off. Some newer models are finally starting to include nonstick interiors, which is a big cuisinart choppers plus. She’s an experienced product tester and recipe creator, trained in classic culinary arts and culinary nutrition. She has worked in test kitchens for small kitchen appliance brands and national magazines, including Family Circle and Ladies’ Home Journal. In February Cosori issued a recall of 21 air fryer models following incidents of them catching fire, melting, overheating, or smoking.

Your New Year’s Resolution may have been to eat better and want to use less cooking oil in your meals. Maybe you just need a more efficient way to cook food for a group of friends or your whole family. If you’re trying to eat healthier, you don’t have to say cuisinart air fryer oven goodbye to your favorite fried foods. With an air fryer, you can enjoy your fried favorites with much less grease & fat. Air fryers use a high-powered fan to move heat quickly and evenly around food in a small space to recreate the effects of deep frying.

The Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer was the best model we tested for around $100. Its large, square-shaped 5-quart basket fits more food than the Philips Premium Airfryer HD9741/56, but it doesn’t cook as quickly or evenly. The Pro LE’s many preprogrammed settings also weren’t as accurate as those of the Premium Airfryer—we preferred using the manual controls for selecting the time and temperature. But considering its relatively cuisinart air fryer oven low price, and the fact that most air fryers of this style don’t cook very evenly, we think the results were good enough. It also comes with a recipe booklet, which is helpful if you’re new to air frying. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how good looking this model is—the entire exterior has a sleek matte finish, and it features a brightly lit control panel that’s easily visible even in a dark room.

It’s one of the larger air fryers we’ve reviewed – but when you consider that it offers an additional six cooking modes that might reduce the number of small appliances you need in your kitchen, it’s a fair trade-off. The US model weighs in at 21lb, with the UK model 12kg, so it probably isn’t an appliance you’ll want to be moving between cupboards and countertops with any regularity. This space saving multi-functional toaster oven can air fry, broil and oven cook, so long as you don’t want to cook for a crowd. It performed pretty well in our tests but there are a few frustrating features and the air fryer mode was unimpressive.

When we cooked moist food, such as raw potatoes, we found that a lot of condensation escaped out the sides of the oven, causing a little moisture on the countertop. First, we found that the icons on the dials were so small it was hard to make them out, and because they were icons, we had to keep referring back to the manual, although we became more familiar with them over time. The temperature and time dials are also analogue rather than digital – so you’re never 100% sure what exact time or temperature you’ve set.