Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater

These kinds of heaters provide a large amount of heat for their size and are ideal for smaller areas such as offices or dens or to offer extra heating in colder areas. You can also use these heaters near your windows to reduce drafts, which can be helpful in keeping an entire room warm during the winter. What really makes the Lasko heater stand out its power relative to its size. It may be the smallest, lightest space heater I’ve ever owned, but it’s also the most effective, housing a 1500-watt heating element within its 5-by-9-inch exterior. The resulting appliance is compact and quiet enough to keep on my desk, but still mighty enough to warm my entire space. Working from home in the winter has presented me with a few unanticipated challenges—most notably, staying focused from the confines of my freezing bedroom.

In no event will Free Delivery benefits be available to you if reside outside the delivery service area of a Participating Beta Test Program Retailer. If space is an issue in your house lasko tower heater or apartment, you’ll love the tall and sleek Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater. This portable unit heats up quickly and even has an 8-hour timer for keeping the room warm while you sleep.

lasko ceramic heater

The pull-out disconnects may not disable power to the air handler, posing an electrical shock hazard to individuals servicing the units. Improper wire crimping by the manufacturer can cause the unit to overheat, smoke, or melt, posing a burn hazard. The lasko tower heater water heater’s flame arrestor can fail to work properly, posing a fire hazard. The potential for ignition of flammable material such as drapes or clothing. Heaters rated Poor can cause ignition to cotton material when operated at their hottest setting.

To obtain a refund, you will need to visit your Participating Beta Test Program Retailer. Thereafter, except as required by applicable law or expressly provided in these Beta Test Program Terms, Beta Test Program memberships may not be returned and the membership fee is non-refundable. Beta Test Program memberships expire one year from the date of purchase unless sooner terminated as provided in these Beta Test Program Terms.

– The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product. Unlike a stationary-style heater, the Lasko boasts an oscillating feature that helps disperse heat throughout an area. It also has a timer that goes up to eight hours in one-hour increments. The remote included with the heater is one of our favorites.

If you do not agree to these Beta Test Program Terms, then you should not purchase a Beta Test Program membership or otherwise participate in the Beta Test Program. It has an automatic thermostat, which means the heater will turn off once the room reaches the desired set temperature. The unit also displays the current temperature, so you can easily increase or decrease the emitted amount of heat. The adjustable temperature ranges are from 70 to 85 degrees. Since no assembly is required, I had the lasko tower heater up and running in a few minutes.