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So beware, rain will fall directly through the mesh top into the tent. If you’ve ever been on a camping or extended hiking trip, you know how sweaty, dirty, and smelly you can be after a long day outdoors. Unfortunately, unless you’re camping near a lake or waterfall, there aren’t many places in nature that you can clean off, especially not with warm water. But that’s where a shower tent with a solar shower comes in. Additionally, there is a towel rack/clothes hanging bar in the changing room, which makes it easy to keep clothes and towels off the ground.

There are also certain factors, like and materials, that are relevant to anyone in the market for a shower tent. After all, no matter what it is you’re looking for, you want to make sure you’re getting a reliable, good-quality product that’s functional and practical. While many shower tents unfold instantly, this one does require some set-up. Don’t worry though, if you’ve ever put up a tent, you won’t have any issues setting it up fairly quickly.

This Ozark Trail 2-room shower tent is portable but not the most portable option available. However, the tent does pack down into a smaller bag, about the same size as a 4-6 person tent. At about 20lbs, this tent is not something you want to be hiking around with, but it is also not difficult to carry around if you are car camping. The Green Elephant is essentially a personal privacy tent (ideal for storing a chemical toilet, changing, etc.) that doubles as a shower tent as well. Most pop up shower tents have a spot to place the nozzle like you would shower at home. You can also use baby wipes or a washcloth if you don’t have a full portable shower system.


If the Nemo is a little too rich for your blood, we completely understand, which is why our second choice is the more affordable but no-less-roomy Ozark Trail 2-Room Instant Shower. The extra space of the Ozark Trail combined with the convenience of instant-cabin construction is a bargain at any price and one we think you’ll enjoy for years to come. Anyone tried using this with an outdoor shower on an RV? Was thinking about building a pop-up type shower to bring camping to wash the kids but if you can run the nozzle from the outside in, this would be much easier. It’s hard to beat the Ozark Trail 2-person shower tent. It really does have everything you could possibly wish for and then some.

Some have sewn-in ozark trail canopy tent to vent water at the base of the floor, others combine removable floors with a similar system, and some forego any floor whatsoever. We generally prefer mesh panels on the floor, as they provide the best tradeoff of bug protection and drainage, but each type has its own pros and cons to consider. However, if you are planning on taking a shower tent along to a campsite that’s a bit further away from where you’re parked, listen up. Some shower tents will be far too heavy to carry long distances. You’ll already be carrying a bunch of gear as it is, so you’ll definitely want to go for a smaller, lightweight option.

Don’t worry though, it’s straightforward, fast and easy enough for 1 person to tackle alone. Between you and me, I still haven’t mastered the delicate art of disassembling a pop-up tent and putting it back in its case. For that reason, I actually prefer a classic set-up, but that’s just me. Using the Instacart app or website, shop for products from your store of choice near you.

ozark trail instant cabin why we’ve also listed our favorite alternatives to the Nemo Heliopolis, whether they’re bigger, less expensive, easier to set up, or all the above. Shower tents either have no floor for easy drainage or a drainage opening or a section with mesh if there is a floor. There are a variety of portable shower camp showers with a pump that you can buy. Without going into too much detail, it doesn’t take an awful lot of imagination to picture how stuffy and smelly it can get in a shower tent.