Ozark Trail 10′ x 10′ Instant Screen House

A screen house is built to be set up over a picnic table, and the primary function is to keep insects out and provide shade or mild rain protection. Most screen houses don’t come with a floor, primarily because they’re intended to be popped over a picnic table. Most shelters for camping have about 100 square feet of floor space. The CAMPROS Screen House Room is one of the best screen houses for backyard camping because it has a good intersection of price and quality. Finally, you’ll have a little under 100 square feet of usable space due to the sloped wall design. Another thing I really like about this product is that it’s also a great screen house for camping in the rain.

sun protection

The ozark trail screen house Screen House is 13 feet long and nine feet wide, with a standing space that tops out at seven feet high. The tent fabric roof provides shade for 46 square feet of the room. The Screen House is spacious enough for six people, or more around a folding table in an uninterrupted 360-degree panoramic shelter. The screen tent came with missing and broken parts. Their solution was for me to pay for replacements out of pocket.

Don’t forget that mesh walls come in various thicknesses as well, which can influence airflow and visibility outside the tent. The sloped wall means that the height at the edge of the tent is lower than the height at the peak and, in some instances, could be uncomfortably short. It has a waterproofing rating of PU mm .

Read the manufacturer’s details and ozark trail canopy left by other customers to get an idea of how long it will take to set up your screen house. Since RVs are the Cadillacs of camping life, I figured this shelter was the best screen house for camping with an RV. The CAMPROS screen house weighs 22 pounds, which is middle of the road compared to other shelters for camping. Ozark Trail is a brand well-known for its affordable products, and this camping screen house is no different.

This ozark trail screen house house also has vertical mesh walls and mesh pockets for organization . The vertical sidewalls also mean you’re getting the entire 100 square feet of space to use. This screen shelter also has a super high center height at 7’8’’ and comes with a loop for a lantern in the middle.

Wasn’t even able to get the tent set up in a mild wind before one of the corner plastic parts broke. Hopefully I can find a replacement part. Absolutely no offer to resolve the issue. Absolutely no apology for the poor quality of the product.

Extremely easy to set up, did it myself in approximately half an hour. Only downside is the rediculious tiny smooth ground anchor hooks. My recommendation is to purchase some of the yellow plastic tent stakes available in any camping section of Walmart. Other than that, an excellent buy for the money with just enough room for a picnic table and a few chairs. Well, i can see i’m not the only one who has enjoyed this little treasure. I didn’t tie mine down and had a small hurricane go through and the poles bent on some of the legs.