Cuisinart® Air Fryer Toaster Oven w Grill #TOA-70

The TOA-65 made some of the most beautiful toast I have ever seen — evenly golden on the top and bottom. A smart design feature allows you to get right inside the Ninja oven and give it a good cleaning, something you’ll likely need to do regularly because of its compact hull. The KitchenAid won this test with an average reading of 350 F on the nose and with very little fluctuation. The Ninja , Cuisinart and Breville also did well, although the Breville started off very hot and then came back down. The two last-place finishers were the Crux, which ran hot and the Calpahlon, which ran cold .

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We prefer having the ability to set an exact temperature in five-degree incriments on the TOA-65, rather than using the TOA-60 knob that can only toggle in 50-degree incriments. Cuisinart® bakeware, baking tools and equipment cuisinart toaster costco allows you to bring the bakery home. Try your hand at homemade cupcakes, bundt cakes, mini pies, or mini loafs. Our bakeware is perfect for pleasing a crowd or spending quality time with your own little sous chef.

But if you are short on time or space, cooking just a few servings, and favor crispy food, a pod-shaped air fryer might be right for you. And while those are great, they aren’t the only air-frying appliances on the market right now. There are also hybrid convection toasters that have a built-in air-frying function, as well as lots of other cooking modes and presets. I’ve used one of these air fryer toaster ovens myself for years and found it versatile with consistently delicious results. Air fryer toaster ovens offer all the versatility of a toaster oven or countertop oven with the additional benefit of air frying. Some may argue that air frying is just like cooking with convection, but its technology typically allows food to cook quicker and get crispier thanks to a powerful heating element and a large, quick-moving fan.

cuisinart air fryer oven

I also tried air frying frozen breaded fish fillets which is usually my preferred way of cooking these. The crumb was hard and overly crisped, it tasted like it had been under a broiler and the fish inside was drier than usual. Overall the air fryer function just didn’t produce the same results as the best air fryers I’ve tried. Testers noted that while it can be tougher to clean, its design and function made for incredible results. The chicken they cooked in the appliance had crispy skin and juicy meat. While there are no distinct presets on the appliance, testers added that it’s a bonus if you like a bit of extra control throughout the cooking process.

Like the Premium Airfryer, this Cosori model is about as loud as a hair dryer while the convection fan is running. Try these recipes for brussels sprouts, chicken wings, french fries, broccoli, or green beans from NYT Cooking. The Cuisinart TOA-65 Air Fryer Toaster Oven is stainless steel multicooker retailing for about $300 full-price.

Pod-shaped air fryers can also be an invaluable cooking alternative for people with certain disabilities , since they don’t require handling a hot tray, or bending over to open or close an oven door. Some smart models, like the Cosori Pro Smart Air Fryer, even come with apps that pair with your phone to make the appliance accessible via voice controls cuisinart air fryer oven , though we haven’t tested those features yet. In our air fryer toaster oven test, the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro made mostly even toast and a gorgeous, golden cake. The air fryer setting took longer to crisp wings than other air fryer toaster ovens we tested, but the results were similar to the results we saw in the Smart Oven Air that consumers love.

The toasting was fine, but you’ll need to turn toast for best results. To make fries, I cut up 1 pound of potatoes into steak cut size pieces and coated them in 1tsp of oil. Nowhere in the manual does it advise soaking the fries before air frying – which is a common recommendation with other air fryers. So I spread the fries in a single layer on the basket and set it to air fry at 400oF for 15 minutes. The manual says that stirring is only necessary for larger amounts and since the fries were in a single layer, I left them for the full time.

It was our former Best Overall until Cuisinart introduced a newer, digital model. Fortunately, the TOA-60 is still available and a wonderful option if you want to spend a little less than the TOA-65. Even at this low price, you get a digital control panel with automatic programs. All of the accessories are dishwasher-safe but the aluminum baking pan and crumb tray may discolor. Gourmia also includes a recipe book with comprehensive cooking charts. To test the roast and pizza function, we bought a pre-made pizza base and topped it with mushrooms before cooking at 350oF / 180oC for a quick 10 minutes; preheating isn’t necessary.

You could say they gained popularity because they helped cook meals faster, needed less oil than frying, and made people love brussels sprouts. It is a partner in crime in helping make just one cookie for yourself when the late-night snack craving comes knocking. Or, you may make two small portions of frozen chicken nuggets for the kids between activities. It isn’t uncommon now to find air fryers with multiple preset programs and other additional cooking features.