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Many also have night modes, which activate a quieter operation or dim digital display lights to create a better sleep environment. Several of our picks, including our “best for pets” and “best features” options, theRabbit Air Minus2 Ultra Quiet Air Purifierand theBissell Air400 Professional Air Purifier, respectively, offer silent modes. In long-term testing, we found that these settings made the purifiers’ operation virtually undetectable. Note that if your air purifier starts to make more noise than you consider typical, its filters may need to be cleaned, replaced, or readjusted. CADR stands for clean air delivery rate and refers to the volume of air, in cubic feet, that your air purifier can clean per minute.

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The only safe use of ozone generators is in unoccupied rooms, utilising “shock treatment” commercial ozone generators that produce over 3000 mg of ozone per hour. However, it is not healthy to breathe ozone gas, and one should use extreme caution when buying a room air purifier that also produces ozone. This compact Levoit air purifier can be hooked up to Alexa and voice-controlled. You can also use the smart remote control to adjust the fan speed or just leave it to Auto Mode to increase the indoor air quality most optimally. The first number in the noise level range is the noise level for the low fan speed setting, and the last one is for the high fan speed setting. Usually, it’s recommended to run the fan at high speed during the day and at a low-speed setting at night.

We ran our original test model for two years without replacing the filter, and it still performed just as well in our follow-up test as it did on day one. We ran our second test model 24/7 for four years, and again we saw no change in performance, noise output, or reliability. It isn’t a perfect approach, but considering the multiple variables involved, it is the most accurate way to compare different purifiers.

Fortunately, almost every Levoit air purifier has a filter reset indicator that will tell you when it’s time to change the filter. This means you don’t have to worry when it’s time to change, as the air purifier will track it for you. Levoit is one of the largest air purifier manufacturers on the market today, with their devices adorning millions of homes. As Levoit has a wide range of air purifiers on offer, from minimal one-button purifiers to smart app-controlled air purifiers, users may often encounter problems or issues when using Levoit air purifiers. Levoit air purifiers are equipped with 3-stage filtration to keep your home as healthy as possible. The Levoit Core® 600Skeeps the room fresh when you’re hosting large gatherings of people.

Put airborne contaminants where they can’t affect your family’s health. Try the Levoit EverestAir™for the ultimate customizable experience, and bring the travel-friendly Levoit Core® Minion all your adventures—perfect for keeping cozy spaces fresh and comfortable. With the Vital 200S, airborne pollutants that make you sneeze and cough won’t stand a chance.

Those figures slightly topped the results from our current large-space pick, the Blueair Blue Pure 211+, which came in at 99.3% and 99.2% on new filters and 99.3% and 98.4% on filters that had been run 24/7 for eight months. The two machines are similarly quiet, with the Airmega 400 registering 40 decibels on its quiet/high-medium setting and the Blue Pure 211+ measuring at 43 decibels on medium. But the Blue Pure 211+ comes out on top on cost, as it typically sells for $300 versus the Airmega 400’s usual price of $500. Along with its high upfront cost, the Air Mini+ is also expensive to maintain, requiring a $90 replacement filter every six months.

The Winix A230, a small-space purifier suited for bedrooms or offices, performed well in our tests—seemingly too well for such a small machine. Afterward, we realized that we had inadvertently tested it with its ionizer function on, and we recommend against ionizers because of their production of ozone. We’ll retest the A230 in the future with the ionizer off; if it continues to perform well, it’s a contender to join the Levoit Core 300 as a budget, small-space pick. Finally, although the Förnuftig has a token VOC filter, you have to purchase that piece separately; most air-purifier makers include VOC filters upon purchase and as part of their replacement-filter sets. Installing the VOC filter also lowers the machine’s CADR to just 70.6 cubic feet per minute.

That’s a decision we don’t think any customer should have to make, and neither does Levoit. At the push of a button, you can turn levoit air filter off the air purifier’s bright LCD display. This feature seems like common sense, but most air purifier brands don’t offer it.

This enables the purifier to monitor the surrounding air and provide real-time air quality updates through its color-coded display and more detailed feedback through the Levoit app. Most air purifiers arrive with the filters installed—but also sealed in plastic wrappers. And we know of at least one Wirecutter reader and one Wirecutter staffer who didn’t realize they needed to remove the plastic before turning their purifier on, which rendered their purifier useless. So open up your machine and, if the filters are indeed wrapped, unwrap and reinstall them.

While the Bissell air400 model lacks app compatibility, we were impressed with its digital display functionality, as well as its intuitive range of features. For instance, when it gets darker in your room, this purifier automatically activates night mode and dims the digital display. We’ve tested dozens of air purifiers in The Lab, where we used an air quality monitor to evaluate their effectiveness and a decibel meter to evaluate their noise levels.