6 Best Air Purifiers of 2023 for Dust, Smoke and Allergies

The Levoit air purifier is also designed to eliminate musty or strong odors like, say, that delicious curry you made for dinner or the dog smell that hits you when you open the front door. You can thank its activated carbon filter, which absorbs the odors so you don’t have to smell them. Air purifiers are not a cure-all for every possible air quality issue. But they can become a disadvantage if they give you a false sense of security that keeps you from combating indoor pollution in other ways — for example, vacuuming regularly and running the kitchen range hood while cooking . It’s also critical to maintain and upgrade your home’s heating and cooling equipment.

But only the largest model, the Z3000, is a true-HEPA machine; the smaller Z1000 and Z2000 are “HEPA-type,” which is to say, not true HEPA. And the company uses 2 air changes per hour to calculate its square-footage ratings, whereas we set 4 ACH as a minimum. TruSens doesn’t list its devices’ CADR ratings publicly, nor could its customer support team provide the ratings when we asked.

They use 3.33 ACH; that means the air in the room will be completely replaced every 18 minutes. That’s what ensures the superb effectiveness of Levoit air purifiers within the recommended room sizes. The Dyson Purifier Cool TP07 Smart Air Purifier and Fan is our top pick levoit purifier because of its quiet yet effective operation in quickly clearing fine particulate matter. Our tester said that it was already set up in the box, aside from removing protective stickers and installing the filter, and she noted the instructions were easy to follow.

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Air purifiers are the cleaning devices of the moment, with one in four American households equipped with one. Our Levoit air purifier reviews walk you through the brand’s top-selling units and help you decide which is best for your needs. But while CADR is important to determine air purifier effectiveness, Homer advises not to focus solely on it. She says a lower CADR can sometimes correlate to quieter operation and a less-conspicuous design, which may be a greater priority for you, depending on your circumstances. If the air purifier had a VOC-focused filter, we tested its effectiveness.

If you’re wondering about the overall cost of maintenance, the LV-H132-RF Levoit air purifier filter is very affordable at about $13 per replacement. If you calculate cost based on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule, with a new filter every 6 months, you would spend about the same on filters as you do for a bigger air purifier like the Winix. I can see on your pictures that you could choose the fan speed before with an old version of the app. I really liked that because you could just set a number from 0 to 10.

The offers that appear on this site are from companies from which HVAC.com receives compensation. Help remove allergens and other impurities from the air so you can breathe easy. levoit air filter HEPA-type and HEPA-like filters can’t trap the smallest, most irritating particles. They are marketed under the HEPA title to mislead customers into buying lower-quality filters.

This air purifier is one of the more expensive options available, but you can expect exceptional performance. We tested 38 air purifiers, with testers providing both individual ratings and objective data, using air quality monitors and decibel meters. After two days of rigorous testing in our New York lab, each purifier was sent out to volunteers for long-term testing in their homes. Follow-up data from weeks of use were incorporated into the final results. If you’re making a lot of dust or smoke inside, ventilation or more effective cleaning will make a much bigger difference than filtering the air. Check out our full review for a list of steps you should take before you resort to an air purifier.