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I also recommend reading all the detailed reviews posted on the Air Purifier First website or our YouTube channel. Although I have answered almost all the problems users encounter with Levoit air purifiers, you can always discover some less specific faults. However, to keep your air purifier working without issues and offer high-quality air in return, it is always best to do regular maintenance. I wrote about air purifier maintenance tips and guides not long ago, so make sure you check that too.

Capturing 99.97 percent of airborne particles, according to the brand, the air purifier’s three step filter works by first preventing larger fragments like lint and hair from entering. Then the second layer stops smaller particles like fine dust and pollen. And the final filter absorbs anything else lingering like household odors. This air purifier from Molekule boasts a smooth and portable design and is easy to use, either by the touch-screen display or from your smartphone via the iPhone and Android app. Designed to purify rooms up to 600 square feet, we recommend placing this in a bedroom or living room. All of the controls are located in a circular formation on the top of the air purifier.

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This piece was originally written by Anne Fritz, who has been researching pet products for The Spruce Pets for more than two years. Before writing this article, she gathered information from customer reviews and third-party articles. To make this list, she also considered the strength, sound, and features of each air purifier. The closer air purifiers are to the source of the pollutant, the more effective they are. In the case of your pooch, keep it close to their bed, crate, or wherever else they spend the most time.

It’s Levoit’s marginally better answer to any other low-end air purifiers, and they’re proud to keep that on Levoit Core P350. During our ambient air quality test in a 30m3 sealed room, we ran the purifier for 30 minutes at a setting lower than 50 decibels (at the third-highest fan setting). We found that the Levoit 400S absorbed an impressive levoit purifier 99.5% of particles smaller than 0.3 microns and 100% of particles smaller than 2.5 microns and smaller than 10 microns. When we reran the test with the purifier on its highest setting , we got the same results. So there didn’t appear to be much difference, if any, between the two highest settings when purifying ambient air quality.

However, there are high, medium, low, and auto settings between those two, so you can decide which mode offers you your ideal balance between speed and noise. Just like theother Dyson modelin this roundup, the PH04 looks futuristic and comes with a magnetic remote control that can be easily levoit air filter stored on top of the fan. You can also opt to control it by app or with voice commands since it’s compatible with Alexa and Siri. In the app, you’ll be able to see reports on changes in air quality and humidity. Pollution is just a high level term for particulates and VOCs in the air.

Once the unit was up and running, we affirmed that it improved air quality within five minutes on the high setting and ten minutes on the low setting. While the high setting cleans the air quicker, that setting produces a considerable amount of noise, which could disrupt your sleep or at-home movie sessions. We found no such issue with the light indicator, which also can bother light sleepers; you can turn it off without shutting down the air purifier. For its price point, this is a well-rounded air purifier that’s easy to use and set up, effective at improving air quality, and lightweight enough to move around. However, it does lack advanced features you find on other pricier models with smart home compatibility and app controls. Our best overall pick is the LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room, thanks to its inconspicuous yet feature-packed design, quiet operation, and ability to quickly improve air quality.

The HEPA filters should have an arrow or other marking indicating the correct orientation. However, it has excellent clean air delivery rate certifications from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, which in some ways is a more rigorous measurement. (Read more in How we picked.) And it has always delivered exceptional performance in our testing at the 0.3-micron HEPA standard, on both new and old filters. In addition, it’s lightweight—a shade over 12 pounds—making it easy to move around via its convenient pocket handle. Finally, it’s compact, standing just 18 inches tall, 10 inches deep, and 17 inches wide, about the size and shape of a large beach tote.