Best Air Purifiers for Smoke, Smog: 2023 Reviews, Top Brands, Ratings

They cover the same square footage and pick up smoke, dust, and pollen at a high rate. Levoit’s attention to detail and user experience elevate it above the competition. Some brands’ fans are so loud that shoppers are forced to choose between a restful night of sleep and clean air.

If you have specific concerns about VOCs, the HM400 is by far the best portable air purifier we’ve ever found. The 200M shares the AP-1512HH’s display-shutoff feature, which we value highly because it turns off the overly bright air-quality indicator levoit air filter lamp and makes this model much more conducive to bedroom use. Visually, the 200M differs from the AP-1512HH in that it has a square grille instead of a round aperture; like the AP-1512HH, it’s available in both black and white versions.

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In a dark room, the lamp can be a distraction, and we wish this model offered an option to shut it off on every setting, as you can on the Coway AP-1512HH. In 2018, in his 600-square-foot open-plan living/dining/kitchen space, Tim tested just the large-space contenders. As always, Tim ran each purifier twice, once on high and once on quiet/medium.

We ran this unit almost nonstop in a real-life bedroom environment and appreciated how we could set it and forget about it. Although the filter did not have a large amount of dust on it after an entire month of use, we still believe the purifier made some difference levoit purifier in the level of dust in the bedroom. Overall, this is a great value pick, considering its price tag, style, and effectiveness. We were slightly disappointed by the air purifier’s rather boxy appearance (though at least it is still clean-cut and sleek).

If you want to learn more about maintaining pre-filters, I have recently written a decent article about pre-filters and how to clean them. If this method does not work, leave it for another 24 hours, and if it still fails, I suggest you request a replacement filter directly from Levoit. In addition, try to keep the devices as close to the modem as possible, especially if you are using a 5GHz modem, which has a much lower range by default. If none of this works, try using a hotspot from another smart device as a modem to connect the VeSync app and the Levoit device. Ozone can damage the lungs, causing chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath and throat irritation. It can also worsen chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and compromise the ability of the body to fight respiratory infections—even in healthy people.

The prefilter captures large particles, such as pet hair and lint, that would otherwise block the HEPA filter and reduce its ability to capture fine particulates. The HEPA filter, meanwhile, fits snugly into the AP-1512HH’s frame, sealing tightly against the plastic housing. That prevents air from bypassing levoit filter the filter around the edges and ensures that virtually all air drawn through the machine gets HEPA-filtered. When retesting our existing air-purifier picks, Tim took four measurements, two using the old filters and two using new filters, to get a picture of how their performance changed over time.

However, if an automatic mode is essential for you, Levoit also offers a 300S model, which is identical in almost every way, with the addition of WiFi and a few other features. The only part of the Levoit Air Purifier that must be cleaned is the pre-filter. To do that, you only need to remove the filter, run it under warm water, and lay it flat to dry. First, the pre-filter captures large particles like dust, lint, fur, and other fibers.