Review: I Tried and Loved the Sunbeam Electric Blanket

For this 2022 update, we tested three different electric heated throws, and the Tefici – Electric Heated Throw used less wattage and produced a higher temperature than the other two. Like most electric throws, the Tefici measures 50×60″, so it’s really only intended for snuggling up on the couch or in a chair. Many electric throws have an actual measurement of the heating element that’s less because of borders on all four sides. The cord has only three settings and is lighted for easy use in the dark.

If a warmer blanket is important to you, this makes the Sunbeam Microplush a good choice. They have transformers built into the blanket’s cord, lowering the voltage from the outlet before it gets to your blanket. Almost all models, including our four top picks, come with auto shut-off timers, so you can rest easy at night without worrying about fires or burns. Some models are even safer, as they utilize a special technology that uses a small power supply box to change your home’s electrical current into a low voltage DC current . All of the electric blankets we tried had problems, ranging from unpleasant-feeling fabric to particularly noticeable wires. In our test group, the Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Blanket was the best, since its overall combination of softness, performance, controls, and safety features helped it edge out the competition.

See how it performs in my experience, and how it may improve your sleeping experience. If you’re looking to upgrade your bedding, shop our favorite luxurious silk sheets, from budget to splurge-worthy picks. Plus, get recommendations for the best silk alternative sunbeam electric blanket sheets like bamboo and eucalyptus. Find the perfect sheets for your sleep style from our editor-approved selection of top-rated bedding. Automatic shut-off is the most important factor to consider if you plan on using your electric blanket in bed.

The easy-to-use controller has two buttons — Power and Heat — with five heat settings, making it easy to adjust and maintain your perfect comfort level. (During testing, we found that four was the magic number.) For added safety, the blanket comes with a four-hour automatic shut-off feature, giving you peace of mind as you relax — day or night. We also love that it’s machine-washable sunbeam heated blankets and can be tossed in the dryer on low heat, too. While the microplush exterior isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, it is small enough to fold up and store away in its zippered bag when you’re not using it. A bed-sized electric blanket is perfect for those who want to share the heat with their partner but still maintain control over their preferred level of warmth.

sunbeam electric blanket

The blanket is also thin, so it is very easy to feel the bulky wires. The electric blanket has a 10-hour automatic shut-off so, if one leaves the blanket on for 10 hours, it should turn off by itself. While the Sunbeam does not cost too much up front, it may not be the most durable option. The blanket does not contain very high-end components, sunbeam heated throw and it might not last for a very long time, so those who want an electric blanket that will last for a good amount of time might need to pay more. For those who want an electric blanket that won’t cost you too much upfront, the Sunbeam is a great option. At full price, it is $39 for a Twin size, and it also goes on sale quite often.