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As I mentioned above, we had the water tested to figure out what chemicals we needed the day after we filled it with water. I honestly don’t want to discredit this pool at all — we truly are SO happy with our little Costco swimming pool. Also, there’s a really good chance the pool liner bestway pool oval could have a small rip or hole in it — which you wouldn’t realize until AFTER you filled it with water. We store it in our extra garage, so if you don’t have a large amount of extra garage or shed space to store this pool, you might choose to leave your pool up all year long .

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They had experience with pool set-ups so it was very nice to have them around. If the water is being maintained with the correct chemicals and filter system, then the water can last the summer season. Pool presents a drowning hazard even during filling and draining of the pool. Maintain constant supervision of children and do not remove any safety barriers until the pool is completely empty and stowed away. We completely love this pool, especially during the coronavirus summer.

Since we had plenty of storage space in our extra garage, we fold up the pool as well as we can and put it on the ground in our extra garage all winter. Dave also brings water to a local pool store for testing once a week. They do it for free and tell him exactly what he needs to do to the water. The staff helped Dave get our pool up and running and then helped us figure out what we needed for chemicals to make sure the water stays nice all summer long (see #9 below). Again, it’s NOT a complicated process, but filling your pool is not something you should do if you plan to be gone all day.

If paying with PayPal, please make sure the number on your account is accurate. By submitting your email, you are giving your consent to receive email updates on products, special offers and exclusive discounts from Please refer to our privacy policy to see how we look after your data. Is it normal for the side wall to sway a lot as the water splashes around?

We have 2 local pool companies that are both SO willing to help us when we have questions. Use some type of lubricant on the “rim” poles so they don’t stick to the liner. Take note of where the pump will sit and position that on the “back” side. As a general “rule of thumb” I’d suggest adding 2 to 4 feet to each measurement when planning your ground space. You MUST make sure the ground under your pool is VERY LEVEL — otherwise, the legs won’t be as strongly supported and your pool will lean in.

We put it on EVERY night (it’s a 2-person job) and it works really well to keep the heat IN and the junk OUT. We were initially a bit skeptical as to if the solar heater would actually work… but it DOES! However, it puts more pressure on the pump because the water is being forced through ALL that tubing. This is one reason we regularly monitor the pressure on our pump (see #3 above). He then runs the pump WITH the filter again for a couple of hours in the evening and turns it off before we go to bed.

Please remove all the accessories and spare parts of the pool and store them clean and dry. Unscrew the drain valve cap on the outside of the pool counter clockwise and remove. Assign an adult to be responsible for watching children in the pool. Give this person a “water watcher” tag and ask that they wear it the entire time they are in charge of supervising children in the pool. If they need to leave for any reason, ask this person to pass the “water watcher” tag and the supervision responsibility to another adult. If you must assemble the pool on a soft surface, timber boards must be placed under the feet of the vertical support rods for even weight distribution.

Express delivery is not serviceable for selected address/Express delivery is not available for today. We just use any household cleaner to clean the inside and outside of the pool before we set it up and when we’re ready to take it down. I sort of explained the pressure thing in the post, but Dave regularly turns the pump on and off throughout the day to avoid the pressure getting too high.

The fast set pools should not be placed in direct sunlight, unfortunately this is not covered under the warranty. If in case any accidental damage happened to Bestway Portable Swimming Pool, you can quick fix it yourself with the help of given repair kit very quickly and easily. While traditional swimming pools it is next to impossible to find the leakage without any big loss. It may be leaks in Plumbing lines, Concrete shell leaks, or natural Evaporation or splash out.