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With a 360 Wh battery, this e-bike runs for up to 45 miles on a single charge, and it charges in about 5 hours. Featuring a 7-speed trigger shifter, this Schwinn bicycle supports riding on hilly terrain. It has an outstanding 8-speed Shimano drivetrain system that enables shifting gears effortlessly. With aluminum 160mm Tektro mechanical disc brakes, this bicycle offers responsive braking. The bicycle is powered by a Bafang 250W hub-drive motor, and it hits a top speed of 20 mph.

Schwinn’s ebikes of the past looked a little dated, so it’s nice to see a cleaner look with frame integrated batteries. They’ll absorb many of the bumps, can handle some looser soils, but not sacrifice too much efficiency on paved surfaces. Schwinn offers a limited lifetime warranty schwinn beach cruiser for the frames of all its electric bicycles. If any problems occur to your e-bike’s frame because of a defect in the manufacturing of said frame, then Schwinn will replace it entirely for you. However, you will need to return the frame to Schwinn at your own expense.

The motor used is the same one you will see across this Schwinn electric bike review, a 250W rear-hub drive. Are you thinking about investing schwinn dealers in a high-quality electric bike machine? We’re here to help you find the best electric road, city and mountain bike for you.

Among the former is Schwinn, which has stood as one of the mainstays of the bicycle industry for over 125 years, and has recently released the Coston DX e-bike. Biking season is on the way, so we thought now would be a good time to share our review of the Schwinn Coston DX. The Marshall ebike has a throttle and 5 pedal assist levels. The pedal assist level only affects the boost you get when pedalling, not the throttle speed. While each and every Schwinn electric bike comes with a step-through frame, some come with more accessories than others, such as integrated LED lights, fenders, or a rear rack.

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They make affordable bikes in a price range that is good for most consumers looking for an introduction into the e-bike world. Plus, with high-quality components, you’ll always get a good experience with Schwinn. Throttle control ebikes are not permitted on many bike paths and trails, and are also not permitted on our bike club group rides. I added a carbon road ebike last year to my steed (currently 2 carbon road, 1 carbon gravel, 1 steel touring, 1 steel break-away road, and the ebike). I only ride the ebike solo and at 63 it adds another dimension to my rides. My wife has an upright ebike, I tried it but prefer drop bars.

With every Schwinn electric bike, there is the option of using pedal-assist or throttle. Yes, Schwinn makes a variety of high-quality hybrid and cruiser e-bikes that are perfect for commuting, errands, or cruises through town. These bikes are schwinn beach cruiser best for beginners and casual riders, as they are set up with an upright riding position and comfortable frame geometry. Many of the bikes also feature accessories such as integrated LED lights, front suspension, rear racks, and fenders.

The bike offers a seven-speed gear range, with a derailleur and double-trigger shifter from Microshift. The rear hub motor offers assist levels of 0-5, with 0 being no assist and 5 being the maximum assist. Of course, I wanted to try the assist, and when I did, I found that I never needed more than level 1 to roll at a comfortable trail speed.

But then, this Schwinn is not intended for touring or racing. But it’s a great go-to steed for commuting, errand running, recreational riding, hauling a kid in a child seat and other general purposes. And it can still perform when needed for more demanding travel.