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The width of the test bed is proportional to the vacuum’s nozzle width. We also use nozzle width, plus the flooring type, to calculate the soil density for each test, per International Electrotechnical Commission guidelines. The IEC is a global standards body responsible for managing testing procedures, among other things, for vacuum manufacturers. The Bissell CleanView Pet Slim Cordless Stick Vacuum is relatively easy to empty – the canister can be removed from the main unit using a button on the front, and the filter pulled out. However, we were disappointed that there’s no mechanism to automatically eject the debris into the trash. I love having a clean floor without the hours of time it generally would take me.

Bissell said the battery pack’s circuit board can overheat, causing it to smoke and increasing the risk of fire. So If I wanted to wash down my furniture I actually have to lift up my vacuum and place it on my furniture and work it back and forth. As mentioned above, you can easily hook your Bissell CrossWave up to wifi and connect on an app for maintenance, support, cleaning tips, and a usage dashboard. At this point, I pop out the roller and windshield attachment to make sure everything is wiped out and cleaned before retiring my vacuum for the day. I will say that if the roller gets too oversaturated with water it can leave streaks, but the key is to let go of the trigger and roll over that area to pick up the excess water. You can even set up helpful alerts to make sure your vacuum stays in perfect working condition.

Bissell claims the battery lasts up to 30 minutes between charges on the lowest power setting. However, when we used the cleaner on the most powerful setting, we only managed 16 minutes vacuuming before the battery required recharging. We also found the vacuum cleaner cumbersome to use in handheld mode, as a result of its weight. It made our arms ache and we struggled to clean up high with it for more than 30 seconds at a time. You simple attach it to the 3-in-1 docking station, add clean water to the clean water tank, then hit the self-clean button.

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Like its cousin the ICONPet, the ICONPet Pro is designed to take care of all of your household shedding concerns with a tangle-free brush roller, lay-flat design, and LED lights. It can convert into a handheld or high-reach vacuum and comes with four different tool attachments (a motorized TurboBrush tool, LED-lighted crevice tool, pet dusting brush, and flexible crevice tool). Bissell offers vacuums across a number of different varieties, including bissell rug cleaner upright, cordless, stick, robotic, and canister. All of these vacuums have been thoroughly vetted, with more than 150 tests for safety, reliability, performance, and durability on each model before it’s made available to purchase. These test results are backed up by a limited warranty that can range from 90 days to lifetime, depending on the model. The cleaner head is omni-directional, meaning it rotates 180 degrees, or any which way you turn it.

One drawback though is that the laser isn’t visible under strong indoor lighting or sunlight. Say hello to the best Dyson cordless vacuum, the $750 Dyson V15. As the company’s flagship cordless vacuum, the V15 has a sky-high price to match.

We hauled in 10 of the latest models from leading vacuum brands with high user ratings and reviews, and ran them through a series of tests designed to measure overall proficiency. We also tested cordless vacuums in a range of prices to see how much of a difference you can expect when you opt for a pricier model over a budget pick. From cordless stick vacuums to Dyson cordless vacuums, we’ve tested top brands to find the best vacuum for your needs. The Bissell AirRam scores great in the convenience category with a weight of less than eight pounds.