Review: Is The Keurig K-Cafe SMART Worth It?

Good looks and an outstanding milk frother are two reasons to upgrade to this machine. Not only does the water reservoir hold a whopping 60 ounces, it’s so much easier to fill than any Keurig I’ve used before. The sturdy handle makes it easy to maneuver to a sink for filling, eliminating any need for another vessel keurig latte maker to pour from. That’s why, in addition to all the standard testing procedures of brewing, cleaning, and assessing every aspect of the machine, I also brought in reinforcements. To round out the evaluations, I recruited several family members, all who own older Keurig models, as well as several Reviewed staffers.

Most frothers make a stiff frothy foam that sits on top of the milk, which isn’t great for lattes or cappuccinos. Properly textured milk is creamy, light, airy, and never stiff or separated. That’s why our current favorite is the Nanofoamer from Subminimal.

The Keurig K Cafe is super easy to use and has all the basic options you might need. To make a concentrated brew, insert a k cup and choose Latte&Capp option. The shot button will be illuminated so you just need to press the brew button. I keep up with espresso and coffee makers to bring all my knowledge to this blog. On the other hand, K-Cafe and K-Latte using K-Cup pods, which are widely available, available from more brands and they give you the option to make regular coffee as well as cappuccino and latte.

It is easy to use and the frother is an added bonus and just as easy to use. You want a Keurig model that has a better extraction process – The Keurig K-Supreme is equipped with the brand’s new MultiStream Technology, which allows the machine to extract coffee better. It is basically a showerhead water dispensing system that’s sort of similar to other higher-end drip machines, like the Moccamaster. If you care about the taste of your coffee and you’re not going to fill your own reusable pod, you have to work a little harder to find the good stuff and buy pods that are fresh and flavorful. When sampling a variety of plain medium roast coffee pods from brands such as Green Mountain, Dunkin’, Starbucks, and more, results covered the spectrum. At best, we got mediocre diner-style coffee, and at worst we got warm brown water with next to no flavor at all.

keurig latte maker

Drip Tray Add Water SHOT LATTE Keep your Keurig® brewer looking its best by The drip tray can hold up to 8 ounces of overflow cleaning the exterior from time to time. Reflects the ability to produce weak to strong keurig coffee brews using controls and varying the amounts of water and the number of beverage packets. It’s starting to get chilly, and that means most of us will want to enjoy a hot drink to help us wake up in the morning.