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Its’s overkill full stop, especially for a 4 inch tire. As for sealant freezing, I’ve had no issues riding in less than -25 degree temps. Likewise steel bars, post, cranks, tubes etc. 38 pounds is 38 pounds. Bad gearing etc makes it even worse and that’s before you even try to ride it on snow. I considered one of these for my 8 year old son but decided against it based on the sheer weight of it, gearing, heavy wheels and tires and disposable parts.

mongoose fat bike

Mongoose Dolomite features fat tires which are suitable for almost any terrain. Our resident tester trying out the fat bike on a steep pitch of trail.With that said, the bike handled as a fat bike should. My son was able to adapt his riding to match the needs of the machine. My son is also still a child and I don’t want to torture him too much.

It smoothly glides through mud, rugged trails, gravel roads, loose sand, or snow exceptionally well. RAD Power Bikes was one of the first to popularize electric bikes. Its first products went to market with smaller 20-inch wheels, but over time it’s added more standard tire sizes to bikes in the product mongoose fat bike line. For example, the Rad Rover 5 has 26-inch wheels for great rolling efficiency. It also includes fenders for rainy rides and a suspension fork to smooth out your ride. With 750W of power on demand and a 48V, 14 Ah battery, it can provide enough power to get you up and over almost any hill.

The steel frame offers strength for those hard climbs while still being flexible enough to maneuver quickly. It gives you more control whether you are cycling on a smooth or rough surface. You can also see that both of these models come with steel frames.

The Argus climbs a bit slower, but it still gets to the top.Gradual climbing up our neighborhood trails was OK for a while. mongoose bicycle Eventually he would tire out and need the tow rope. Mongoose’s website just says “aluminum” for their unbranded brakes.