IGLOO MaxCold Cool Fusion 36-Can Roller Soft Cooler Gray Black

Just make sure to read the specs carefully and assume that max can carrying capacity listed is for only cans in most cases. We also measured for cold and ice retention by taking the inside temperature of each cooler at two hours after filling them with cans and ice and then 24 hours after filling them with cans and ice. While our testers noted this cooler is large and heavy and not the easiest to lug around, we also appreciate that the cooler floats in the water, is spill- and leakproof, and comes in four sizes. We also found it to be an ideal road trip size as it’s small enough to fit easily into a car yet sufficient to carry drinks and snacks for a few people.

Both the KeepR and Icer are sold separate alongside the stackable SnackR ($30) containers for food. But we wish the side mesh water bottle pockets were hardy like the rest of the cooler — they felt flimsy and easily snagged. Also, igloo soft cooler we loved that the top entry opened wide and had a two-way zipper, though the wide rim made drying out the cooler a challenge. The insulation is a metal-coated plastic blend, which did a solid job of preserving the ice and goods.

While it’s easy to get caught up in wanting the best, being realistic about using your soft cooler can help you choose one that works for your intended uses. Coolers have come a long way since glorified bags that offer a few hours of chilling, but that now-quaint level of performance may be all you need. Whatever drinks and snacks your soft cooler holds will be able to stay in prime consuming condition thanks to the insulation. Whether it’s beer for game night or desserts for a follow up to pizza, the night will end with delicious meals. This is another type of soft cooler that you can trust to keep items cold for longer periods. The insulation lets your ice last for at least one day, making it perfect for camping by the lake or quick fishing trips with friends and family.

igloo soft cooler

The real win for the Igloo Reactor over the Yeti is the price factor. You’re getting a premium cooler at just a fraction of the price of the Yeti (for example, the Igloo backpack options is just $119 compared to $299 for the Yeti Hopper). Overall, we are really pleased that Igloo added to its product line coolers that can directly compete with well-known designs on the market. Considering the attractive price, it seems to be a move in the right direction. The greatest features for this bag are spaciousness, being resistant to water and other forms of damage, and being easy to carry.

In an interesting twist, the Arctic Titan Zipperless has neither a zipper nor a roll-top and isn’t even fully sealed. It closes like an old-school hard cooler, with a plastic lid that nestles snugly into the top of its plastic body. Despite not being airtight or leakproof, it managed to hold ice for 40 hours during our testing. Still, other coolers have more traditional zippers that aren’t watertight, yet they manage to provide effective insulation, including the REI Cool Haul, REI Pack Away, and AO 24 Pack. Of course, large capacity always comes with a trade-off in how far you’re willing to carry it. Even with a friend to help, this fully-loaded bag isn’t the ideal cooler to cart a mile down the beach.

Similar to many of Igloo’s other hard-sided cooler lineups, the number of sizes to choose from has gone down some. A lot of soft-sided coolers ruin it when they leak out the melting ice and get everything soggy. With this cooler, you shouldn’t be able to tell just how wet the inside is by looking at the outside.

The brand recently launched the 28L TravelR 30 ($250), a tall-standing and oval-shaped soft cooler with generous space. The two side handles aren’t the most comfortable to grab, and we wish they weren’t adjacent to the shoulder straps’ attachment points. But when the handgrip is detached into two separate pieces, they’re not comfortable to grasp.

We had no problem filling the cooler with 20 cans and plenty of ice. And not surprisingly, it had some of the best ice retention and coldest temperatures at the end of our 24-hour test. The Hopper Flip’s inside temperature only raised by about 6 degrees over 24 hours, thanks to Yeti’s closed-cell insulation, for which it’s become infamous. Dry bags are a staple of river trips, as are heavy, bulky hard-sided coolers. The Icemule Pro essentially combines the two into an insulated, durable dry bag perfect for a day on the water. Like a good dry bag, the Icemule Pro has a roll-top closure that it claims will not let water in or out and allows you to trap air inside for extra insulation.