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You need a bike to ride to your buddy’s house. To get groceries from down the street. For you, a bike isn’t a lifestyle; it’s a way to move huffy bicycle a few blocks without having to get in your car. You’re not really a “trail guy” or need to feel what speeding 100 mph down a hill feels …

Just as a wave is about to break, there’s a little pocket of awesome called The Barrel. It’s a place that lasts a moment but feels as if all time slows down. Our latest cruiser is named for this exact moment. In The Barrel captures that exhilaration and gives it to you in a bike you can experienc… Easy, laid back and ridiculously good looking.

You want a way to get there that’s as relaxing as the beach itself. Meet the sixthreezero BE, a bike that was made to feel the sand beneath its tires. Grab coffee on the ride and carry it in the convenient beverage holder on the handlebar.

GO WITH YOUR GUT, LOVE WHAT YOU FIND Pave n’ Trail was designed for men who understand that the long way leads to the best shortcuts. Through the park, across an empty field, down rutty back roads; with a Shimano 7-speed gear system, adjustable front suspension and comfort first engineering you’l… Once you’re happy with your design, your bikes are built and shipped out, with contstant communication along the way. Signature Branded bikes have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, always.

But you don’t want your cruise to be all about looks, you want to be able to go as long as you want without seat or back pain. That’s where the sixthreezero In The Barrel Single Speed cruiser comes in. Interested in a fleet of your own custom branded bikes? Work directly with our talented team to pick custom colors and decals to fit your needs. Taking it back to the good old days, the Around The Block scooter is a fun way to change up how you see your neighbors and check the perimeter of your street block.

huffy beach cruiser

A wood design topper makes the rack the perfect place to add a pack, books, you name it. Comfort and style are big reasons why everyone likes to ride cruisers. The spring saddle is padded for comfort for a great ride. Comfort grips feel great and match the wood design accents on the bike.

The Pave n’ Trail Hybrid Bike by sixthreezero lives up to its namesake, equipped to handle paved roads, or packed trails. No matter the terrain, the Pave n’ Trail rolls smooth on pavement while being able to handle off road rides on hard packed trails and grass. The Firmstrong Black Rock takes cruising to a new level with 29-inch wheels. Taller riders love the bigger wheels, and others enjoy the advantages of riding the Black Rock.

Sure, you don’t mind a cruise on the shore, but when push comes to shove, if you find an unexpected trail you’re going to ride it. You need a bike that goes where you go, which might be somewhere totally huffy beach cruiser off the map. The sixthreezero In The Barrel 21 speed is right up your alley. You’re the guy who’s always got sunblock and a pair of flip-flops ready to go. If you could, you’d live on the beach.

However, it is also an exceptionally comfortabl… The frame is 17” high with an extra 4” of length and is a suitable cruiser bike size for most men 5’4” – 6’4” tall. The frame design is very different from a typical bike, in which the pedals usually sit directly below the rider’s hips. On the CA-520, the pedals are moved forward 4” allowing th…