Igloo Reactor Review Checking Out Igloo’s New Soft Cooler Series

The coolers we tested feature a wide variety and quality of materials. We assessed durability over months of use, paying attention to how they handle daily rigors. We threw them around, dropped them on the ground, and filled them to igloo soft cooler the brim with heavy drinks. One of the most frustrating qualities of many of the models we tested is their challenging zippers. So far, manufacturers haven’t been able to produce a zipper that’s waterproof and truly easy to use.

Plenty of soft coolers are fairly comfortable to use and reliable (as long as it’s not too sunny or scorching hot out) in the less-than-$100 category. Those choice designs include a range of designs such as the Mountainsmith Takeout ($25),REI Co-op Pack-Away Soft Cooler ($50), and Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Bucket Tote ($45). A soft cooler’s materials include the exterior, insulation, interior liner, and handles. The most common are waterproof and leakproof zippers or non-waterproof and leakproof zippers. Most soft coolers are simple with a central insulated compartment for food and beverages. A handful have an interior zippered compartment inside the lid.

igloo soft cooler

It can just as easily handle thorn bushes as it can an asphalt pavement. The insulation is foam, incorporating Igloo’s UltraTherm insulation technology and giving really good ice retention. This comfortable, tough, waterproof backpack cooler insulates just as well as any soft cooler we’ve tested.

It was easy to sling over our shoulders with the removable strap. The material dried surprisingly fast after it got wet while paddling. This design is too small for an all-day adventure, but for a lunchbox or outing, it’s great. And the wide shape allows easy access to the grub inside the cooler. Some of these designs are actually very rigid, stout, and stackable.

Despite looking like a Yeti—and having thicker insulation on its lid —it didn’t quite have the same performance as the Yeti Hopper. At the end of our 24-hour ice test, the Orca igloo soft cooler had no remaining solid ice while the Yeti had some. And where the Yeti’s inner temperature increased by about 6 degrees over 24 hours, the Orca’s went up by about 13 degrees.

Our huge lineup of bags comes in all shapes and sizes with multiple ways to carry, so take a dive into all our options to figure out which one/s will make your life so much cooler. There’s nothing like traveling with friends and family out on the open road. And it’s even better with the right cooler bag to keep you all refreshed with ice-cold provisions along the way. When shopping for a cooler, some things to consider include size, material and ice retention. Using the Instacart app or website, shop for products from your store of choice near you. Once you place your order, Instacart will connect you with a personal shopper in your area to shop and deliver your order.

The staunch base also allowed us to set the cooler on variable surfaces and was easy to clean. The IceMule Pro is relatively durable and resistant to our abuse, though the straps’ attachment points seemed perhaps not quite as reliable or as robust as we’d like them to be. Not surprisingly, some of the coolers that performed the lowest in this category also have the weakest material.

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We really like it for picnics in the woods and more involved lunches that could involve taller, specialty items like olive oil (who says you can’t eat well while in nature?). The dark interior hides grub and stains and it can hold up to 20 pounds of ice, should you be throwing a real party away from home. The volume amount is less than a lot of coolers in the category, but the tidiness of the bag almost makes up for that. Things are very compartmentalized, which allows you to stay organized and find what you need fast while out and about.