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This allows you to bring many lanterns on a week long trip and not worry about charging all week. The Coleman will not make it through a week long camping trip unless you use it sparingly. Features 5 bright white LEDs that produce 40 lumens of light output. 6012 hoursWe took 7 of the best camping lanterns out into the wilderness for nighttime testing.

Fuel-powered lanterns are ideal for colder temperatures and can produce a bright light, but extra precautions need to be taken, especially around young children or pets. If you’ll need your lantern for an extended period, it is a good idea to carry extra fuel canisters. This type of lantern includes both rechargeable options and those that utilize disposable batteries.

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This is where I really turned on the Coleman lantern. Once open, the lantern feels cheap and poorly built compared to almost every other lantern that I reviewed. It hasn’t broke on me or anything, this is purely the “feel” test on my part. One other setting, low, provides a lower lumen output, but not drastically lower. When Target and Walmart feature your product prominently, you’ll get sales no matter if your product is good or bad. Click a View Cart button to review the shopping cart contents and/or complete your order.

If you usually use your lantern on high, you’ll get less time out of the batteries. You may use your lantern for lighting up a cooking area at dusk and then as a reading light at bedtime. It’s nice to be able to vary the brightness based on your task. Most of the lanterns in this test provide some form of adjustability, either by discrete levels or a dimmer switch. The Coleman’s 390 lumens are managed by a dimmer dial, but even at maximum it doesn’t look as bright as the size would suggest.

The flashing “hazard” lights aren’t particularly useful, but they don’t get in the way. The battery compartment unscrews easily enough, but replacing it requires aligning a small tab with a gap in the lid. It requires close inspection and took some practice to get used to. The small hook on the bottom is also flimsy, although it does work for hanging as a downlight.

It has recessed clips on both the top and the bottom for easy hanging. The Moji is the perfect overhead light for a tent.For backpackers who want tent illumination without a weight sacrifice, we wholeheartedly coleman lantern recommend the Moji. The 100-lumen LED bulb is diffused by a hemisphere of frosted plastic, creating a soft and wide light. The design is clean, with folding legs and a durable top loop for hanging.

The Black Diamond Moji uses just 3 AAA batteries, while the Coleman Twin LED needs 8 D batteries. Battery size changes the weight of the lantern and the cost of replacing batteries once they die. All-out brightness is nice to have, especially if you like your lantern to light a large area. But more important for many uses is the quality and adjustability of the light. But battery life is poor , and there’s no way to adjust the lantern’s aggressive beam. The harsh white glare made this lantern everyone’s least favorite.

Simply turn the knob to high for a bright 400 lumens or low to conserve battery life. If proven defective, product returns or exchanges must be handled directly with the manufacturer. coleman battery lantern All items on Uncrate are hand-chosen by editors for quality and relevance to our readers. Some editorial may be sponsored or allow us to receive a commission.