Coleman Lantern Batteries : Target

Battery-powered lanterns are safer than propane-powered ones, as there is no true flame present or use of flammable gases. A high-quality lantern is a useful and convenient tool that can come in handy in a number of situations. Max burn times can be deceptive, because they’re calculated based on the lowest brightness setting.

The flashing “hazard” lights aren’t particularly useful, but they don’t get in the way. The battery compartment unscrews easily enough, but replacing it requires aligning a small tab with a gap in the lid. It requires close inspection and took some practice to get used to. The small hook on the bottom is also flimsy, although it does work for hanging as a downlight.

There are multiple sizes available and some portable lanterns are even collapsible, making storage a breeze. The best Coleman lanterns will feature adjustable settings so you can switch from a dim reading light to a brighter light with just the turn of a dial. This will also allow you to maximize the lifespan of your lantern. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter your lantern output. Propane lanterns are often able to produce anywhere from 1,000-1,500 lumens, while LED models are more likely to have lumen ratings below 1,000. The overall run time you’ll receive from your lantern is directly connected to the level of brightness used.

Selecting a lantern comes down to setting priorities. If you like a night-vision light, the Streamlight is the only lantern that can oblige. It falls short of the brightness and battery life of the UST 30-Day Duro, but it’s more than enough for most campers.

After burning through lots of batteries, the UST 30-Day Duro is our all-around Top Pick for its combination of brightness, versatility, and stellar battery life. I unfortunately purchased a coleman rechargeable lantern BEFORE I started looking for reviews..this one wonked out on us after six hours.. This lantern may be able to recharge other items BUT, when we go camping we do not take along things that need to be recharged. We go to get away and radios, cell phones, etc have nop place in our tents.

That certainly applies to Coleman’s Twin LED Lantern. More than a foot tall, the Coleman dwarfs the rest of the lanterns in this test. It swallows coleman cabin tent 8 D batteries, which help bring the weight well over three pounds. The 225-lumen bulb is reasonably bright, and the diffuser makes a soft light.

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With BatteryGuard, batteries are automatically disengaged from the circuit when the lantern is turned off to extend their life by as much as 25%. It also reduces the chance of damaging corrosion so batteries can be stored in the device for years . No matter the situation, this BatteryGuard lantern with a 15-meter beam gives you Power When You Need It. The Coleman rechargeable lantern is the biggest and heaviest of the rechargeable lanterns that I reviewed for this project. It is a fine lantern for car camping where space and weight are not a concern, but definitely not for any lightweight camping adventures.

Rust-resistant carrying handle provides portability. The 5 hour battery life on high setting is probably one of the best features of the Coleman rechargeable coleman battery lantern lantern. My biggest issue is that after the sun goes down, campers often will turn their lanterns on lower settings as not much light is needed.

We use rechargeable batteries and it keeps the weight down. Three brightness settings make it perfect for lighting up a trail for a group, or for lighting a dark campsite after hours. We used each lantern for a variety of camping tasks both inside and outside a tent. We even tried them out as lighting around the house to simulate use during a power outage. At the end of the testing period, testers scored lanterns on brightness, light quality, design, and portability. Different lanterns come with different combinations of power sources, burn times, and brightness.

Rugged plastic housing is weather-resistant and shatter-resistant. Quick-release fluorescent tube can be easily replaced without tools. Adjustable light output to conserve battery power.