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Just as a wave is about to break, there’s a little pocket of awesome called The Barrel. It’s a place that lasts a moment but feels as if all time slows down. Our latest cruiser huffy beach cruiser is named for this exact moment. In The Barrel captures that exhilaration and gives it to you in a bike you can experienc… Easy, laid back and ridiculously good looking.

huffy beach cruiser

The Pave n’ Trail Hybrid Bike by sixthreezero lives up to its namesake, equipped to handle paved roads, or packed trails. No matter the terrain, the Pave n’ Trail rolls smooth on pavement while being able to handle off huffy bicycle road rides on hard packed trails and grass. The Firmstrong Black Rock takes cruising to a new level with 29-inch wheels. Taller riders love the bigger wheels, and others enjoy the advantages of riding the Black Rock.

The Deluxe has something other bikes don’t, a feeling, an aura it gives off, it’s the right amount o… The epitome of timeless style and modern comfort, this is a hybrid cruiser made for adventure. Our innovative step-thru design gives you serious comfort, while the built-in accessory attachment points make customizing a snap . Redesigned from the frame up, this bike is ready for EVRYjo…

GO WITH YOUR GUT, LOVE WHAT YOU FIND Pave n’ Trail was designed for men who understand that the long way leads to the best shortcuts. Through the park, across an empty field, down rutty back roads; with a Shimano 7-speed gear system, adjustable front suspension and comfort first engineering you’l… Once you’re happy with your design, your bikes are built and shipped out, with contstant communication along the way. Signature Branded bikes have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, always.

But you don’t want your cruise to be all about looks, you want to be able to go as long as you want without seat or back pain. That’s where the sixthreezero In The Barrel Single Speed cruiser comes in. Interested in a fleet of your own custom branded bikes? Work directly with our talented team to pick custom colors and decals to fit your needs. Taking it back to the good old days, the Around The Block scooter is a fun way to change up how you see your neighbors and check the perimeter of your street block.

SAFE, COMFORTABLE & EASY Designed with the lowest possible step-thru height the Simple Step-Thru bicycle makes riding easier and safer. Coupled with the low-step thru the frame geometry also features a forward pedal design. The pedals are positioned approximately four inches forward from wher…

A beverage holder is conveniently attached to the handlebar. Keep your favorite beverage close at hand while you ride. When you need to keep things secure, a soft-sided bag attaches to the front of the bike for huffy beach cruiser grab-and-go convenience. Of course, the most unique accessory on the Huffy Panama jack is the bottle opener on the fork. Carrying things around campus or into town is easier with the adjustable rear rack.

Two-color dual-density pedals add premium comfort and a great look while you ride. Keeping it easy to ride, the cruiser is single-speed with a coaster brake. RIDE AROUND THE BLOCK…AND BEYOND Electric Cruiser Bike with a 500 Watt Rear Hub Drive Motor with a classically styled beach cruiser frame that provides maximum comfort and riding ease. An uncomplicated E-Bike, designed with simplicity as the goal with an alluring frame design reminiscent of cla… UNMISSABLE ADVENTURE UNSHAKABLE COMFORT Body Ease was designed to give you total confidence.