Huffy Men’s Cruiser Bike : huffy mountain bike

You need a bike to ride to your buddy’s house. To get groceries from down the street. For you, a bike isn’t a lifestyle; it’s a way to move a few blocks without having to get in your car. You’re not really a “trail guy” or need to feel what speeding 100 mph down a hill feels …

You love getting out for a little bit of fun, but you’re not afraid of getting a little dirty. Seems like the sixthreezero EVRYjourney is the bike for you. The Firmstrong Urban Man 24” Single Speed Men’s Cruiser Bike is an ideal huffy beach cruiser bicycle for boys, teens or adult men who are between the heights of 4’ – 5’2”. This is a smooth riding, easy to pedal cruiser for female riders who are too tall for a 20” cruiser but maybe a little too short for a 26”.

Larger wheels help riders gain momentum and maintain speed, without extra exertion. A great fit for most men from 5ft, 5in t… Whether it’s hitting the trails at the crack of dawn, or cruising the beach at the dusk.

huffy beach cruiser

Figured out the right type of bike for you? Now you need to find the model that’s a perfect fit. Here are some of the best women’s bikes out there, whether you’re a road warrior or recreational biker.

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