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Sure, you don’t mind a cruise on the shore, but when push comes to shove, if you find an unexpected trail you’re going to ride it. You need a bike that goes where you go, which might be somewhere totally huffy beach cruiser off the map. The sixthreezero In The Barrel 21 speed is right up your alley. You’re the guy who’s always got sunblock and a pair of flip-flops ready to go. If you could, you’d live on the beach.

The sixthreezero Around The Block’s simple, straightforward design makes casua… The Bruiser is a single speed cruiser with no cables hanging off the bike or complicated gear systems. ELECTRIFY YOUR RIDING. ANYWHERE. The Urban Man 7 Speed 350-Watt Electric Beach Cruiser is a great bike for those riders that want a little something extra pep from their cruiser bicycle. The 350-Watt Rear Hub Motor coupled with the seven speed drivetrain and handbrakes make the Urban Man more ve… URBAN TOUGH, THROWBACK COOL Ride in the Park is elegant, classic and beneath it all–fierce. The easy step-through frame and gear system allow you to feel perfectly at ease whether you are rushing to an early morning meeting or casually exploring those late city nights.

Figured out the right type of bike for you? Now you need to find the model that’s a perfect fit. Here huffy beach cruiser are some of the best women’s bikes out there, whether you’re a road warrior or recreational biker.

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Just as a wave is about to break, there’s a little pocket of awesome called The Barrel. It’s a place that lasts a moment but feels as if all time slows down. Our latest cruiser is named for this exact moment. In The Barrel captures that exhilaration and gives it to you in a bike you can experienc… Easy, laid back and ridiculously good looking.