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Twenty-niner wheels, one-by drivetrains, and dropper posts were once just for in-the-know riders. Now, the entry-level and budget-friendly Schwinn Axum delivers all of this, plus a surprise or two beyond the official spec sheet. It also has trigger shifters instead of twist shifters which are a lovely touch and much better for off-road riding. The wheels come in 29″ with large 2.25″ tires, which really helps the bike roll over obstacles such as tree stumps and rocks quickly. The frame is aluminum, and it is designed to stay very agile and help the rider with harsh off-road terrain while being robust and lightweight. They currently have three in the range – 1, 2, and 3.

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The Deore derailleurs and shifters are solid and high-end. At the time, Deore was Shimano’s second-best groupset after XT. The groupset shifts well and feels durable, even though it’s over 30 years old. The Schwinn High Sierra was produced from around 1984 until around 1996.

I was more for double cheeseburgers, Budweiser beer and Marlboro Lights. When the World Wars broke out, the Schwinn factory devoted its resources to an all-out effort for the production of war materials for the U.S. Schwinn was awarded the Army and Navy “E” mongoose excursion for excellence for their war production performance during the 2nd World War. FRANK SCHWINN was a compulsive designer and draftsman, sketching ideas whenever they came to him. Frank started out as an apprentice designer and engineer just after World War 1.

If you have been injured while riding this mountain bike, you need to report the incident to the manufacturer and to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Definitely hire a Personal Injury lawyer who has proven product liability case experience in cases of injuries caused by a defective product. Mountain bikes have to take a beating in this extreme sport.

But if the sizing works for you the added peace-of-mind on congested roads or when riding at night is incredibly appealing. A full charge can get you through about 10-hours of riding before needing to be topped off. Mountain bikes tend to be heavier than road bikes—after all, they need to be sturdy enough to withstand rugged terrain.

Most frames were made by Giant in Taiwan and sold under the Schwinn name. The High Sierra was Schwinn’s top-of-the-line mountain bike model from the time it was introduced until 1985 when Schwinn introduced the Cimarron. The Schwinn High Sierra was a top-of-the-line mountain bike back in its day. Today, if you can find one, it makes for a perfect touring bike, commuter bike, or gravel bike. Since buying the Schwinn High Sierra, I have converted it into a touring bike and put about 1000 miles on it. This is my review of the 30-year-old Schwinn High Siera.

The demand for bicycles is increasing now more than ever. People are looking for an eco-friendly way to travel, something that a bike can offer. Apart from that, bikes are also a good form of recreation and exercise. While this brand is no longer what it used to be, the bikes they manufacture are still worth what you pay for. Additionally, the Schwinn bikes are made of high-quality materials. So, with good care and maintenance, they will last for a long time.

For me a relaxing day involves riding my mountain bike to decompress after a long day. When not on my bike I can be found wrenching on it or making YouTube videos at 👉 DIY Mountain Bike Read more about David HERE. But regardless of that, their bikes are still excellently and meticulously manufactured. In fact, Schwinn bikes promise a number of benefits for bikers.

The story of Schwinn is as long as its deep history, but back to the main matter at hand. I got it to ride with my son that schwinn electric bike had just picked out a Siera.. We both still have these special bikes, but his sits in a garage while I ride mine daily.